The Box Seat

Sacred Heart University

Venue: Sacred Heart University, Conneticut, United States. Campus Field
Product: The BOX Seat 907 Model

The multi-purpose Campus Field serves as the home for eight of sacred Heart University’s athletic programs, as well as the site for the University’s undergraduate commencement ceremony held every May. The BOX Seat 907 provides luxurious, upholstered yet economically viable seating for the crowd along both sidelines of the recently redeveloped pitch.

Quote: “The BOX Seats have worked very well for us; everyone who has sat in them loves them. The level of comfort has been above what we ever imagined and the slim pad is a nice added touch. As for the longevity of the pad outdoors, they look the same as the first day they were installed in 2011”. Marc Izzo, Executive Director of Sacred Heart University Construction

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