Retractable Mount

July 5th, 2013

The BOX Seat is designed to operate within multipurpose arena environments, including those with retractable seating options.
Our specifically antidepressants designed Retractable Pivot Mounts can be fitted to any retractable platform system and are adjustable to any installation width, making them very versatile. The same BOX Seat rail system is fixed to the Pivot Mounts, meaning that potentially any BOX Seat model can be used in the venue and the number of seats active on each Pivot Mount can be customised.
Our tight-folding design ensures that The BOX Seat can be folded to suit even the lowest riser heights in retractable seating systems without affecting seating comfort.
The foot-activated release mechanism allows the seat rows to fold down neatly and the seating platform to slide away for storage.


Cup Holder
Swingseat Press Table